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[DBTech] DragonByte Classifieds v1.1.10 [PRO]

DragonByte Classifieds allows items to be sold in a variety of ways by your users including Auctions and stock-controlled Buy-it-Now listings. It works on vB versions 4.1.x and 4.2.x

Allowing your users to sell items has never been easier with a feature-rich Classifieds system that allows for Auctions as well as stock-controlled Buy-it-Now listings.

Integrated into vBulletin, DragonByte Classifieds also allows users to see current listings, create their own postage and address options for use with their own listings, and upload pictures to be displayed along with the listings.

With a permissions system, automated bidding on auctions, customizable feedback system, fees, and fully customizable categories and specifications, and featured and digital items, DragonByte Classifieds caters to a wide range of requirements.

Major Features:

Multiple Listing Types: Auction, Buy-it-Now (with stock support), and Wanted Items Listings Types to allow your users to sell and barter for items in a variety of ways.

AJAX Integration: We used AJAX wherever we could to help reduce the page reloads, including bidding, checking for new bids as well as other areas.

Automatic Image Resizing: All images added to the classifieds system will be resized and have thumbnails generated. This will help reduce the page load time but not have to download the full image when you just need the thumbnail.

Stock Control: Buy-it-Now listings have a complete stock control that can be adjusted and allows for multiple purchases by different users.

Postage and Address: Mulitple postage options can be added per user as well as a variety of addresses letting users choose where they want items delivered to and at whatever price they prefer.

Feedback System: Allow users to leave feedback about transactions including comments and a customizable ranking.

Watch Items, Save Searches and Users: Users can save items to their watch list and choose to store searches for easy reuse at a later time. Sellers and Buyers can also be added to lists so that their latest items can be found easily.

Categories and Specifications System: An unlimited amount of categories can be created, allowing for subcategories and specifications creating a huge range of options that can help users specify exactly what they are selling.

Payment Processors: Integrated payment processors, including PayPal, to allow users to pay for their items and their fees.

Featured Listings: Allow users to feature their items for an optional fee as well as allow control over how many items they can feature.

Full Feature List
Payment Processors
  • Payment Types
    • PayPal
    • Cash on Collection
    • Check/Cheque
    • Bank Transfer (manual transfers)
  • Configure the description to display to your users when they checkout
  • Configure your Merchant ID (such as PayPal email address)
  • "Sandbox" Mode toggleable via vBulletin Options, for testing purposes

Listing Types
  • Auction
    • AJAX Bidding
    • AJAX countdown timers
  • Buy-it-Now
    • Adjustable Stock Control
  • Wanted Items

Email and PM Notifications
  • Users receive emails and PMs when items end, are sold or are on their watch list
  • Translatale phrases and email content

Categories and Specifications
  • Categories can be added and assigned as subcategories
  • Specifications can be added per category and used in multiple categories
  • Options can be added to each specification and used in multiple specifications

Featured Listings
  • Mark a listing as Featured to gain a higher position in the list
  • Optionally add fees per usergroup to use the featured system
  • Optionally add a limit on how many listings a user can feature via their usergroup permissions

  • In depth searching of:
    • Titles
    • Descriptions
    • Categories
    • Users
  • Many Options to narrow down the search

  • Custom Fees can be created
  • Global or restricted to specific usergroups
  • Charge for reserve prices, items initial listing and items final price as well as for featuring items
  • Choose from flat rate or percentage-based values

Multiple Currencies
  • Show prices in multiple currencies
  • Set a tax rate for purchases in currencies other than your home currency
  • Configurable exchange rate
  • Choose a "Primary Currency" that your prices will be based on
  • Automatical daily update of exchange rates via a Scheduled Task

  • Set the conditions of items

  • Set the returns options

Country and State Codes
  • Control the countries and states/counties that are available to be added to addresses

  • Allow users to add multiple addresses
  • Define default address for when selling or buying items

Postage Options
  • Create unique postage options
  • Can be done per user
  • Currencies can be defined
  • The countries that the postage is available for can be defined
  • Create user-specific or generally available postage options from within the Admin Control Panel

  • Upload images to the vBulletin Attachment Manager
  • Thumbnails created and used on upload
  • Mulitple images per listing

Digital Listings
  • Mark a listing as digital to help users understand they aren't bidding for physical items
  • Send links to users on completion of the listing

Feedback System
  • Allow users to submit feedback about transactions
  • Users can submit comments along with their feedback

Listing Control
  • Archive listings that have expired or are completed
  • Relist items

  • Buyers and sellers have access to invoices of completed transactions

Advert Boxes
  • Advert and listings boxes to display current, featured, or watched listings
  • Various locations
    • Forum Index/Home
    • Forum Display
    • Search Pages
    • Classifieds Home Page
    • View Listing Page

Contact Seller
  • Link to contacts seller when viewing a listing

Form Control
  • Customizable Form Controls
  • Default settings

  • Approve or unapprove listings
  • Usergroup settings to automatically place new listings in a moderation queue
  • Moderation queue for moderators and administrators

Pro Only

Feedback System
  • Customizable feedback ranks to mark reliability

Advert Boxes
  • Various locations
    • Showthread Pages

Link Control System
  • Create unique links at the foot of Classifieds pages to whatever URL you need

Notes System
  • Users can submit notes on their listings

Resolution Centre
  • Create and respond to issues in listings either as the seller or the buyer.
  • Change the issue's status
  • View how many issues are active on a listing

Contact Seller
  • PM Created with translatable title

Form Control
  • Simple Form in Forum Side block for quick listing submitting

  • Number of items in moderation queue displayed

This mod displays a copyright notification in the footer of all pages which includes:
  • 1 Link to DragonByte Technologies homepage
  • 1 Link to the Product Description page of this modification

The Branding Free Key (BF Key) is used to remove the plugin's copyrights! Enter it in plugin settings (via Admin Control Panel).

Branding Free Key: GYSN Underground
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