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Controlling the length of URL BBcode

If you ever wanted to control the length of the [URL] BBcode before it's stripped, this is how to do that.

This is for both vBulletin 3 and vBulletin 4.

There is not an option in the admincp regarding this. It is hard-coded.

Find these lines in includes/class_bbcode.php in the function handle_bbcode_url:
if (vbstrlen($tmp) > 55 AND $this->is_wysiwyg() == false)
$text htmlspecialchars_uni(vbchop($tmp36) . '...' substr($tmp, -14));

Line 2442 in vBulletin v4.2.3.
Line 1825 in vBulletin v3.8.7.

55 = number of characters before it's stripped
36 = number of characters before the (...)
14 = number of characters after the (...)

There is a similar function for emails in this file (do not change this unless you need it), so make sure to edit the correct function.

You will need to make this change each time you upgrade because this file gets always overwritten.
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$text, $this-is_wysiwyg, 14;, 2091-2095, controlling, htmlspecialchars_univbchop$tmp, substr$tmp, url, bbcode, length
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