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Inferno Warning System v1.3

Inferno Warning System v1.3

Well this was created purely for my own self and staff needs, but i'm sure you guys and gals will need a warning system to keep control over any member that doesn't wish to follow your rules.

The previews pretty much tell you all the features available, one that isn't shown is that the graphical representation of warnings will be displayed in a members profile, so that you may warn members via their profile or post(s).

v1.1 Updates:
- You can now enter a "Reason To Show User" input, this message is shown for users who are banned.
- Minor gramatical error in the ACP options.

v1.2 Updates:
- Missing template added (minor)
- WOL Fixed (minor)
- Unable to warn user via profile more than once if warn duplcation was not allowed (high)
- Ability to remove warnings
- ACP option to allow/disallow staff to remove warnings
- Warn log stretched page if it was large

1.3 Updates:
- Bug Fix: Warning points to be given were not consistant with maximum points allowed (the drop down menu went from 0 - 10 no matter what)
- Bug Fix: Those who cannot recieve PMs (either via turning it off themselves or due to other permissions) resulted in an error when you tried to warn them, this no longer happens but the PM will not send.
- Added new flexible warning expirations 'Hour' (Allows you to make the warnings expire in hours aswell as days/months)
- Added extensive flexible ban times (Now allowed to ban a user for x hours/days/months)
- Added post modifier notice (Allows the staff member to automatically add a notice to the top of the users post, allowing others to see that the post was warned)

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