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Image Resizer v1.0.1

Image Resizer v1.0.1

I. What does it do
This plugin enables you to automatically resize every user-posted image which is larger than given dimensions. Users can choose the maximum dimensions and the resize method to use.
The resize methods are:
- No resizing
- Enlargement in the same document
- Enlargement in the same window (replacing the forum thread document)
- Enlargement in a new window

It also adds an information bar (which is not displayed when the image is too small) giving information about the original dimensions and filesize. Filesize is only supported on Internet Explorer, other browsers don't reveal this information through javascript.

II. What does it not do
- It does not do server side resizing of images. Everything is done clientside
- It does not prevent long loading times. The images have to be downloaded completely by the client before the script can resize them.

III. Installation / Upgrade
1. Upload "ncode_imageresizer.js" to the clientscript directory in your vBulletin installation.
2. Import "product-ncode_imageresizer.xml" in your vBulletin forum. Enter your AdminCP and go to Plugins & Products -> Manage Products. Click on [Add/Import Product] and refer to the XML file.
The installation script will detect which database modifications have to be performed and will display the query that is going to perform these modifications.
If something fails, execute that query yourself.
3. The file "vbulletin-language-nl.xml" can be used to import dutch versions of the used phrases. Import it in your language manager and overwrite the installed language "Nederlands". It will not remove any phrases, just add new ones.

The installation adds a couple of settings, phrases, templates and plugins, all of which are easily recognizable. It also adds the fields `ncode_imageresizer_mode`, `ncode_imageresizer_maxwidth` and `ncode_imageresizer_maxheight` to your `user` table, in which the resizesettings are saved. These fields are removed when the plugin is removed.

IV. Configuration
Administrators can change the maximum dimensions and resize mode in the options window. These values will be the default for users without a setting of their own and anonymous users.
The installation script creates a new option group called "nCode Image Resizer Options" in which you can enter these values.
As said in section I, users can edit their preference in their User Control Panel at the Options page in the "Thread Display Options" section. The administrator can however limit the options the user can set. The administrator can choose between letting the user change all options, no options at all, only the resize mode, or all options except that the maximum dimensions can't exceed the default dimensions.

V. Version history
1.0.1 (May 6th, 2007)
- fixed javascript file version
- fixed vBAdvanced compatibility problem

1.0 (April 24th 2007, 2007)
- added code to make phrases javascript safe, multiline phrases and phrases with accents
should work now.
- added compatibility with vBAdvanced
- improved installation procedure

1.0 release candidate 4 (February 21th, 2007)
- improved speed for posts with many small images
- work around for text display problem in Safari
- Improved installer
- Improved user control panel options: added information about default settings and option to explicitly use the default resize mode.
- Added option to disable the system
- Added option to reset all user specific settings

1.0 release candidate 3 (February 4th, 2007)
- added warning on installation when javascript is not present.
- removed redundant plugins
- small bugfixes
- signature resizing is optional. turn resizing of hotlinked images on or off in the control panel
- improvements in javascript code
- changed hook method so all bbcode class users get resize functionality automatically

1.0 release candidate 2 (October 3rd, 2006)
- images weren't correctly resized when both height and width restrictions were in effect.
- added robustness for IE flaws, not perfect yet
- images in post previews get resized as well

1.0 release candidate 1 (Juli 16th, 2006)
- bug preventing proper uninstallation fixed

1.0 beta 3 (June 23th, 2006)
- Bugfixes
- Now resizes signaturepictures too
- Administrators can limit the user-settable options

1.0 beta 2 (June 20th, 2006)
- Made maximum width and height userspecific and editable

1.0 beta 1 (June 8th, 2006)
- First public release
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Unread 04-25-08
thanks man very cool thing
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Unread 11-09-08
does it works with vB 3.7.x
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Originally Posted by @[email protected] View Post
Hover to view full quote
does it works with vB 3.7.x

Yes Works Greatt...
Thanks For Sharing Bro
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Unread 01-15-09
this doesn't work with vb blogs
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Unread 02-25-09
I am getting this error :
Fatal error: Call to a member function query_write() on a non-object in /home/gthangn/public_html/includes/adminfunctions_options.php(490) : eval()'d code on line 11
If i am selecting "Clear User Settings" and pressing Ok.
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thanx alot bro ...
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thank u for the mod!!!
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Unread 06-02-09
thanks man great
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