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Proxy to Real IP Conversion (v2.25)

Proxy to Real IP Conversion (v2.25) for vb 3.6.x

This hack makes the forum always use the members real ip when a proxy is detected, meaning that all existing ip functions should continue to work, basically ignoring the proxy server (other than recording it's presence).


* The real ip (or host) is displayed in the who's online page.
* The real and proxy server ip's are accesible for each post, the button is red for members using a proxy server.
* The real ip is searchable in the admin/mod cp (but not the proxy ip).
* The real ip can be banned by admins.

etc etc ......

Note: Obviously this hack relies on the proxy server passing the correct http variables to allow detection.

If a proxy is detected, then a red ip icon is displayed instead of the standard one. This mod will also detect if the ipinfo hack is installed and adjust itself to call the ipinfo code.


v2.20 : Updated for vb 3.6. IP Info detection added.
v2.21 : Dependancies updated for 3.6.0 Gold.
v2.22 : Updated for Version Checking.
v2.23 : Fixed bug causing wrong ip in WOL display.
v2.24 : Rewritten slightly to fix a minor issue with spiders.
v2.25 : Updated for changes in vB 3.6.4.

Remember that this modification involves changes to the class_core.php file - if you upgrade your vbulletin, you must reapply those changes.
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