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vBulletin Ldap Authentication Plugin (v1.0)

vBulletin Ldap Authentication Plugin (v1.0)

I am using vbulletin for a long time now and before there was the plugin system introduces i hacked every single version of vb to enable ldap authentication. with the introduction of the plugin system i have written a little plugin that works in every version since VBulletin 3.5. This Plugin is the buyable VBulletin Ligh Authentication from sartori.at. now its FREE.

Since its working and i will not enhance this small plugin anymore, i will make it public. If there are any enhancements, i can put it into my versioning system and update this plugin.

In contrast to the ldap authentication from zemic my board can authenticate against every - already deployed - ldap directory without changeing the encryption type.

If the ldap user is not added in the VBulletin database, the user is automatically added the first time he authenticates against the ldap. if the user already exists then nothing is changed, except the authentication against the directory.

in the admin or moderator panel no user is authenticated against the directory.

php with ldap support

Installation Notes:
  1. copy ldapAuth directory to your vb forum installation directory
  2. change the path to controller.php directory in ldap-plugin.xml
  3. copy the hooks_ldap.xml to FORUM_ROOT/inclucdes/xml directory
  4. in login.php search for:
    if ($vbulletin->GPC['vb_login_username'] == ''
    standard_error(fetch_error('badlogin'$vbulletin->options['bburl'], .... 
    insert below

    ($hook vBulletinHook::fetch_hook('ldap_login_hook')) ? eval($hook) : false
  5. activate plugin system (if not done already) in admincp
  6. in admin cp import the product at "Download / Upload" Plugins
  7. in global.php search for:
    and change this

    to this:

  8. configure the ldap settings in: ldapconfig.inc.php
  9. test the product
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Ooh sounds useful
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