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HS - Advance Forumhome Announcements

Mod Discription:
Place and maintain an advance announcements box on your forum. With this version we give you complete control over the displayent. With allot of great features and accessibilitys the announcements box has finally been personalized. Allot of coding errors have also been worked out and we've added allot of options.You can now also control the image displayment, and replace the default images with those of your own. Please note that this is a growing modification. If you have any suggestions to enhancing / changing it in the future release('s) , please tell them to me and I will consider ading them.

User Info:
Install time: 20 seconds
Configuration time: minimal
Install Difficulty: Minimal
Configuration Difficulty: Minimal

Mod Info:
Template Edits: 0
New Templates: 1
Sql Querries: 0
Plugins: 4
phrases: 42
settings: 28

Mod Features:

* Global on/off
* Announcement type set-able
* Announcement text controllable via AdminCP
* Thread linking on/off
* Thread Linking
* Announcement Box Color changable
* Announcement Text Color changable
* Show/Hide Announcement Images
* Forumhome Display location changable
* Title enable/dissable
* Title text
* No template edits what so ever required

Install Instructions:

* Unpack all files
* Upload the images in the misc folder to your style's misc directory
* Install HS-AFHA.xml by going into your adminCP=>Plugins and products=>Manage products=>Add new product
* Configure via vBulletin Options=>HS - Advance forumhome announcements

Configuration Notes:
We've coded this version so that you can controll the images that displays. Entering an url to an image in the text box will cause the default image to disapeare and the new one you entered to take its place. Also, make sure you've got "Show image" set to yes. Global displayment is now do-able, by setting the displayment point above or below the navbar. It will then Display globally on your forum. Colors are changable, but must be in ASCII code for instance white = #FFFFFFF . Same goes for the text font. If you use a custom image, remember to enter the image width in the text area that follows, otherwise the whole allignement will be messed up.

Screenshots and Downloads
[Admin End | User End | Download]

*It was very hard to create screenshots for the user end, since it is up to you what the displayments must look like. The screenshots were taken on the default available styles, but keep in mind that everything is customizable via the admin-cp*

Included Files:

* Admin End Screenshot
* User End Screenshot
* Read me
* 5 images
* XML Product file

Planned Updates:

* Hide Announcements from guest and show a "please register" message instead (Going to be enhanced allot)
* Better Admin Panel Layout?
* Show certain Announcements to certain Usergroups
* Show certain Announcements to certain Users
* Whatever you guys suggest

Final Notes:
This modification was built from the ground up and was enhanced as we went on with the production of it. None of the codes here were leeched of the other modifications out there that are available to do the same basic function. This is not an updated version on any of those and must not be considered as one. It is a mod on its own.

Modification made and brought to you by Millenium IT and StrifeX
Modification distributed by Team HybRiD

Disclaimer Notice:
This product was made, developed and released by Team HS® .
This file may not be re-distributed in whole or significant parts without the original developer's permision. Eventhough we hold the rights to the product, we give you the right to modify it to suite your needs as long as the original copyright on the document is kept in tact. You may not re-release this modification and call it your own.
All rights reserved © 2007 - 2009.

v1.0 (Never released to public)

* Manuall template edits was used

v1.1 (Never released to public)

* Template edits replaced with XML

v1.2 (Only released on DVC *BETA RELEASE* )

* Control panel enhanced
* Displayment enhanced


* PHP Parse error fixed
* Major code problems fixed
* Minor code edits
* Display enhanced
* Control panel organized
* Extra options added
* Show image yes/no
* Custom Images
* Global Displayment

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