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Unread 02-25-09
how to translate this
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Unread 02-26-09
this product is not working with another template if not is default??
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Unread 03-05-09
Originally Posted by smile2me View Post
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please tell how could i install >> show << the following Floating Guest Notify instead of the default one

for vb 3.7.1
Is there a way to do this? I mean make a floating GIF instead of a bar with text?

EDIT - Nevermind. All it is is making a GIF with the graphics/text of your choice and editing the template/getting rid of the text. At least that's how I did it with the version of this mod where you add the code directly to the headerinclude and header templates. Name the GIF close.gif and upload to the images/misc folder for your style.

Last edited by vbuser49; 03-05-09 at 07:51 PM.
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Unread 03-12-09
works like MAD on 3.8.1
Cheers for this.

Who ever wants a different close.gif, here you go :

P.S. - I use it on BlueFox Theme, it looks sexy..
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Unread 04-13-09
How do i change the text inside the box ?
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Unread 04-15-09
it work for default only??

my installed skin is not working

any one know how to manually do this?
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Unread 05-17-09
won't work on 3.8.0
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Unread 05-23-09
I can see the popup but no message inside the box. 3.8.2
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