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vB.Sponsors: Forum and Category Sponsorship Ads

Forum and Category Sponsorship Ads with Statistics

Add sponsor's ads or Google AdSense to forums & categories

This extension will allow you to add sponsors to you forums and categories or use Google AdSense. You can also track the hits to each sponsor by date as well. See below for more features and demo sites.

For vBulletin 3.5.x, please see
-Enable sponsorship on forums and categories
-Ability to use Google AdSense code
-Use a banner or a text link
-Supports large banners for the top of the sponsored forum and small banners for the forum listing
-Tracks hits for each sponsor
-Statistics viewable inside Admin CP
-Ability to alter the "Forum sponsored by:" text
-Easy to use and install

Documentation is located here.
I've found it's easier to maintain an online version rather than files included in the download.

...to vBulletin.org and its members.
...to the people who have installed this mod, suggested improvements and found bugs.

Feedback Forums: http://www.DigitalDeviation.com/forums/
Feedback is always welcomed! Good or bad. Post all feedback and feature requests in this thread or in the forums above. Trust me, I'll be reading it even if I don't respond to every post.

Support Forums:
Should you need any assistance with this, you can reach me via the link above or by posting in this thread.

In either case, please post as much detail as possible with any code or screenshots pertaining to the issue. MySQL, PHP and web server software versions are helpful. You can obtain these from the Admin CP in vBulletin.

2.0.5 - Feature Add / BugFix
-Added version checking
-Added support for Google Adsense (template code has been updated)
-Fixed the table layout in the AdminCP
-Options are now controlled via vBulletin options

2.0.0 - Initial Release

-Integration: phpAdsNew integration
-Reporting: Sponsors able to view statistics from User CP
-Reporting: Export reports in PDF (or other) format
-Rights: Ability to hide sponsors based on a user's group
-Option: Rotating banner support
-Option: Multiple sponsors per forum/category
-Option: Remove the branding copyright
-Option: Ability to not show sponsor's banner in the main forum listing, but show when the forum is displayed.


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Unread 03-16-08
Here is same with footer removed.

Make sure you delete old one first and not just re-write...
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Last edited by welcome; 03-16-08 at 06:25 AM.
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