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Thread Starter Unread 02-08-08
Signature forced to bottom (postbit_legacy)

This mod will force all user's signatures to the bottom of their post. This is helpful if you have custom fields displayed under your avatars. Only 3 code changes are required in the postbit_legacy template. It'll take you about one minute to install this.

In postbit_legacy, find:

<td class="alt2" width="175" style="border: $stylevar[cellspacing]px solid $stylevar[tborder_bgcolor]; border-top: 0px; border-bottom: 0px">
Change to:

<td class="alt2" width="175" rowspan="2" style="border: $stylevar[cellspacing]px solid $stylevar[tborder_bgcolor]; border-top: 0px; border-bottom: 0px">
Then find:

<if condition="$post['signature']">
		<!-- sig -->
				__________________<br />
		<!-- / sig -->
Delete it.

Now find:

		<!-- / edit note -->
Directly underneath add:

<td class="alt1" valign="bottom" style="border-right: $stylevar[cellspacing]px solid $stylevar[tborder_bgcolor]">

		<if condition="$post['signature']">
		<!-- sig -->
			<hr size="1" style="color:$stylevar[tborder_bgcolor]" />
			<div valign="bottom">
		<!-- / sig -->




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Unread 06-01-08
Nice mod! Thanks alot!!!
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