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vBulletin 3.X Add-ons & Template Modifications All the latest vBulletin 3.X Add-ons & Template Modifications.

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Unread 10-01-07
vBlogetin 1.0 Beta 3.8 the latest version

vBlogetin 1.0 Beta 3.8

i use this and it´s better than vBulletin Blog

Each user may, if granted to, create their own blog. From their "BlogCP" (separate from the UserCP), they will be able to manage their blog in every aspect.

They can customize how their blog works here. Many options here will set the defaults for every entry. Also, they can edit their blog style, category, and also specify whether or not they want a private blog.
Manage Blocks

Here, they will be able to edit the blocks that they are able to have on their blog. See the blocks section.
Manage Entries

This is where users can see many of their entries at once, and perform tasks such as editing, deleting, setting multiple entries to private, drafts, or stick them.
Manage Comments

Users can view all of the comments posted in reply to their entries. Depending on permissions, they will be able to edit, delete, and perform any other administrative tasks.
Manage Categories

If usergroup permissions allow users to create their own categories, then they may manage them here. These are fully searchable, and will work the same as the global ones when viewing their blog or creating entries.

If a user is given permission to edit someone else's blog, they can view their BlogCP, and perform tasks as if the blog was his own. Note that each section depends on permissions!

Like most blog systems, we allow users to have "blocks". Blocks are user-customizable sections that appear to the side of their blog. There are 3 types of blocks
Simple Blocks

These blocks contain one form element, and based on how the administrator has set up the block, it appears in the block. This is typically used for something like an "About Me" block.
Complex Blocks

These blocks contain can contain many pieces of data. The administrator can specify which columns (form elements) the block has, and also how many rows of data the user can enter. How this data is presented is completely up to the administrator. Some example blocks would be: "Favorite Websites", "Favorite Songs", etc. Each block basically acts as its own table of data!
Content Blocks

These blocks contain a template, and PHP code. These are the most common blocks, and the most flexible. The archives, calendar, favorite entries, (etc) are all generated using these blocks.

Every block has its own HTML field, which works exactly as vBulletin templates do, as well as a PHP code field, which works similar to plugins. Out of the box, we include roughly 20 built-in blocks for you and your users. However, being as easy to create and as customizable as they are, why stop at 20?
Key Blocks

Shows the current month on a calendar, and any day where you have entries becomes a link to see entries posted on that day. Users may also browse by month.
Monthly Archives

Lists every month/year combination where you have posted entries, and shows the number of entries posted. Clicking on the date will show entries posted in that time period.

Lists all of the categories which you have used, and how many entries were in each. Like the archives, clicking on a prefix will show all entries posted in that category.
About Me

Allows users to enter some personal information about themselves.

We have also integrated the ability to import and export blocks. Users will be able to share custom ones here, then you can add them to your site with ease.

Of course, a blog system is nothing without entries!
Private Entries

Users can create private entries, which would prevent non-buddies from viewing it. You may also give out permission to view private entries.
Sticky Entries

Users can 'stick' an entry, as you would a thread. It will appear at the top of their blog until they unstick it.
Draft Entries

Users can post entries as draft entries, which would make it invisible to everyone but themself. They can either publish it manually, or set an auto-publish date.
Rate Entries

Users can rate entries, so everyone can easily tell the good from the bad! This is also shown in the top entries area.
Send to Friends

Users can Send send links to entries to their friends!

Bloggers can subscribe to other bloggers' entries, so they can recieve email notification (instant, daily, or weekly) when any new comments are made.
Favorite Entries

Users can add an entry to their favorites! Favorites will stand out when viewing blogs, and the entries which are favorited by the most users will show up in the top entry statistics.
Feature Entries

Your staff can "Feature" or "Highlight" entries that host great content. They can be displayed in blocks or on the blog directory, and also stand out when viewing blogs.
Download Entries (XML, TXT)

If you want to backup entries, or save for later reading, you can download them in either XML or TXT format. This is not a way to export entries!
Report Entries

You can report offensive entries or comments. vBlogetin will private message users who you can select from the AdminCP the report.
See Who is Viewing

Optionally, you can have the users who are viewing an entry or blog listed at the bottom.

All of your blogs and entries will also have highly configurable RSS feeds!

Users can categorize their entries to any site-wide categories, and also any user-created entries if they have permission. You can browse by category, as well as narrow results (even in the feeds)!
Custom Fields

You can add custom fields via the AdminCP, and they may be any of the common form elements (text box, textarea, select, checkbox, radio). They may optionally be required and searchable.
Soft/Hard Delete

Entries may be deleted or physically removed by anyone with sufficient permissions. Anything soft deleted will show up with other entries (though with a deletion notice) if permissions requirements are met, and they will also show up in the deleted archive!

Users may comment on all entries, granted they have permission to do so. If you wish to post a comment that only the author can read, you can; comments can be private.

Comments can optionally be posted by guests as well, but they will have to enter their name and email address. Image verification will most likely be added for this.
The Directory

The blog directory will list all the blogs on your website in one easy to access location. You can have it show the number of entries, comments, views, rating, last entry and last comment for each blog, taking permissions into account.

The directory can also host blocks on the side, to further allow quick access to key parts of your users' blogs. Some directory blocks include moderation, quick links, top bloggers, top entries, featured entries, any many more.

Below all of this sits your blog statistics, as well as the number of users online, the number of users who visited today, and finally the number of users who posted today. All these sections may be disabled via the AdminCP at any time.
Top Stats

Just for the bragging rights of you and your users, on the top blogs/entries pages, you can show following 8 statistics. By default, it will show the top 10 (configurable), but you can view more by clicking on it.
Top Blogs

    * Most Entries
    * Most Comments
    * Most Views
    * Highest Rated

Top Entries

    * Most Comments
    * Most Views
    * Most Favorited
    * Highest Rated


With all this new data, you will surely want a way to search through it all! The search engine used a FULLTEXT index to find your data. You may search for entries or comments. Users who know how to use binary searches may, but it won't use it unless any of the binary operators are found in the search query.

Like vBulletin, it stores the search results, uses page navigation, and highlights keywords when they go to a result.
vBulletin Integration
Integration was not taken lightly!

    * vBulletin Options (125+)
    * Usergroup Permissions (40+)
    * Templates (100+)
    * Phrases (300+)
    * vBulletin Compliant Links (session IDs) and Forms
    * Full WOL Integration, including Entry/Blog Titles

Everything can be managed from the Admin Control Panel. Everything. The entire package is a XML product that you import, so installation is a breeze. There are only a few template edits, which can be done automatically if you wish, and there are also no file edits!
No shortcuts have been made.

Throughout the duration of the entire development process, efficiency has been the #1 focus. The number of queries per page is always minimal, and in many places, data is cached. If I notice something is slow, I spend hours finding a faster, safer method.
The new thing in vBlogetin is the SEO in blogs (off by defect) it rewrites something like this blog.com/blogs/viewblog.php?=userid=1 to blog.com/blogs/the-title-of-the-blog/user/

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Unread 11-26-07
it wont install...the install page is weird
it wont work...please help!

Last edited by mynamesbob; 11-26-07 at 05:45 PM.
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Unread 11-26-07
please! someone!
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Unread 11-27-07
Fatal error: Could not create directory /home/vol3/byethost13.com/probandoforos/htdocs/forovb/blogs/datastore/2/ in /blogs/backend/functions_blog.php on line 516
This appears when the users Setup's a blog.. How can I fix that?
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Unread 11-27-07
setting CHMOD to 0777
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Unread 11-27-07
my install page is blank when i install. PLEASE help!
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Unread 11-28-07
PLEASE! i need help. sum1? please!
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Unread 11-28-07
Did download the posted archive and installed it on a heavily modified local installation of vBulletin 3.6.8PL2, works no problems.

Before complaining a million times make sure you follow the installation instructions to the letter, especially paying attention to the BLOG_PATH and CHMOD ^^

On top of that a few more details would be very very helpful, such as what steps you have done pre-installation. What did you enter for blog_path, did you chmod the datastore dir, etc ???
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Unread 11-28-07
i followed every direction up to installation. idk whats wrong.
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Unread 11-28-07
answer my questions:
what did you put for blog_path ?
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