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Username Request 1.0.7

I found a request asking for a the ability for a User Control Panel section that would allow users to request a username change. This is the outcome of that request.

The Tools

User Tools
Inside the User Control Panel, there is an area that is added where a user is given the ability to submit a username that they would like their name changed to. They receive PM updates depending upon the "status" of their request, whether it is Accepted or Rejected.

Administrative Tools
As soon as a request is added to the database, the specified administrator is sent an e-mail saying that a user would like a username request. Inside the Administrators Control Panel, a new section is added under the "Users" navigation tab, that lists all the "Pending" requests with the ability to "Reject" or "Approve" the request. A user will be notified via PM when an action is taken. When a username is approved, the system will automatically change the username.

Username History
This tool will list all username changes that a user has requested. It will also display the status of the request, meaning that if you reject it, this will be displayed. This tool will be built upon in a later version.

Planned Changes to Username History:
I plan on changing the way "Rejected", "Requested", and "Approved" are stored within the database, but right now they are hard coded into the database.

This hack has several requirements. They include:
  • vBulletin v3.6.6 or higher (This is the minimum version required for the next requirement)
  • The usercp_nav_bottom template hook.
To get around the second requirement, you can copy the cell manually or add $template_hook[usercp_navbar_bottom] at the end of the User Control Panel navigation.

Installing the product is easy. Just follow these steps:
  1. Upload Files into your Administrators Control Panel directory.
  2. Import the product through the Product Manager.
  3. Click Install Here
Big Thanks!
I would like to give a big thanks to Paul M for helping me with my stupid mistakes in v1.0.4 - v1.0.6! Now all of my mistakes should be taken care of (unless I made a mistake in the disallowed if statement). Thanks Paul!

I would also like to say thanks to Marco for pointing out a possible SQL Injection that was in v1.0.4 - v1.0.6 (It was inside the ACP, and use a wrong variable name / clean type).

Final Remarks
I hope that you will enjoy this product as much as I enjoyed making it

vbulletin.org website:
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