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Force Style for Selected Users or Groups (v2)


The setup on my forums is that I use the default style as the parent to all my other styles which makes modifying the templates easy for me, I just edit my default style and the child styles inherit the changes.

I wanted to use a child style as the standard style for visitors and members, but not have them have a choice of the default style at all, but as soon as you logged out you were presented with the default style that you did not want guests to see.

This hack rectifies that. It also allows you to let others use the forum wide default style (selected via Style & Language Settings -> Default Style in the vBulletin Options of the AdminCP) while forcing the usergroup(s)/member(s) to the one style you selected, except in cases where you have specifically assigned a custom style to a forum in Forum Manager and override the users' style choice for that forum (it will use the custom style assigned to that forum).

Uninstall Force Style for Selected Users or Groups v1.00 or v1.01 using the AdminCP Product Manager (if it is currently installed).
Import the product-jd_20071226.xml into vB using the AdminCP Product Manager. If upgrading from an earlier version, then set Allow Overwrite to Yes.
In vBulletin Options > Force Styles for Selected Users or Groups, change Force Styles for Selected Users or Groups - Enable to Yes to turn it on.
In the other boxes, select the usergroup(s), member(s) and the style id you want to force on those usergroups or members

There is no upgrade path from my v3.6.x version, you have to uninstall that one first before installing this one.

What if you need custom style permissions as well?

This question has been asked a few times: What if you need custom style permissions so that you can control which usergroups see/select what styles?

The hack I use is KirbyDE's Restrict Style to Usergroup hack which he released for v3.5.x (now he is called Andreas). It is because of that hack that this one exists, and I have tested it on vBulletin versions 3.5.x, 3.6.x and 3.7.0 Beta 2 and 3.7.0 Beta 3 and it works for all versions and works fine with my hacks for both all versions as well.

For instance on my own forum I need to use both hacks, as the style I force on my guests and normal members is not selectable or do I allow them permission to use it, and is also not my default style (all my other styles are child styles of my default one), so without KirbyDE's hack I would not be able to do this.

But just to let you know that KirbyDE's hack is unsupported and is not likely to ever be supported, so if you have problems with it, you are on your own.

Version History

v2.0.0 - Initial v3.7.x release [Wed 26th Dec 2007]
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Unread 01-10-08
it's a good mod, thanks galeras for this... it's very interesting
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