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Forum Statistics 3.1

This will add a page with statistics to your forum.

Forum Statistics
- Newest Members
- Posts per day (last x days)
- Posts per month (last x months)
- Forum open since
- Average posts per day overall
- Average threads per day overall
- Average replies per thread overall
- Active members percentage
- Oldest thread

Top Posters
- last year
- this year
- last month
- this month
- last 24 hours
- last 7 days
- last 30
- overall

- most viewed
- most replied
- top rated
- most replied in the last X days (choose X in the options, default is 10).

- Most voted
- Latest polls

- Top Thread Starters
- Top Reputation
- Top Referrers
- Top Posts Per Day Average
- Users with most attachments
- Most viewed/downloaded attachments
- Latest attachments

Thank You Hack
- Most Thanked Users
- Who Thanked Most
- Most Thanked Posts

Attachments Statistics
- Statistics for each attachment extension
- Most viewed/downloaded attachments for each extension
- Latest attachments for each extension
- Total attachments and downloads for each extension and overall
- Average downloads per attachment

Most Active Forums
- Last year
- This year
- Last month
- This month
- Last 30 days
- Last 7 days
- Last 24 hours
- Overall

Age Statistics
- Oldest/youngest members
- How many members on each age range

Custom Profile Fields Statistics
- Percentage of each option chosen by your members

Registration Statistics
- Daily registrations
- Monthly registrations

Statistics for each forum
Choose the forum you want to view statistics from. Only forums people have permission to see are shown.

Options in the Admin Control Panel
You can exclude forums/usergroups/users from the statistics, disable the attachments statistics page and set other options.

Administrators Only Option
You can set the statistics to be shown only to administrators.

You just need to import a product and upload a few files (statistics.php and statsmod/ folder). There are options in the Admin Control Panel, the modification is fully phrased and a few templates are added. An optional navbar template edit is needed to supply a link to statistics.php.

New Poll Bar Images
You have the option to use a new set of poll bar images that comes with this mod as your default poll bar images.

Please leave the url to your statistics.php in this thread for me to use as a live demo if you can.

Live Demos:

vbulletin.org website:
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