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Advanced Report Post Management System 2.00 Beta

What does it do?

This is better for forums which get alot of post reports, it allows staff to see the amount of post reports open and lets them review and leave appropiate comments.

Users can see there post reports made and can see the status of the report and the moderator dealing with the report.

Admins / SuperMods / Moderators can see the post reports

*Note Moderators will only see the post reports in the forums they moderate*

Moderators can see who reported the post and the time at which it was reported, and the comment given by the user. There are also links to the post itself, the thread the post is on, the forum the thread is in, the user who posted the post and the user who reported the post.

The user page can be linked anywhere you choose; I have included instructions for linking it on the quicklinks menu.

Moderators can update the status of the report, and add a comment. The user who reported the post can then see these changes reflected in their page - it will show the name of the moderator dealing with the report, the comment (if any) left by the moderator, and the time at which the report was last updated.

When a moderator sets the status of a report to 'closed', it is moved to another page in modcp called 'closed post reports'. Post reports that are in the pending state are still kept in the 'outstanding post reports' page.

See screen shots for more information

  • Unpack the .zip file
  • Upload the files in the upload directory to your forum root
  • Install the product by uploading the product xml file into the product manager in Admin CP
  • Make the two template changes specified in 'template changes.txt'

From v1.0

If you are upgrading from v1.00 please uninstall then install the new one.
Be sure to uninstall the original otherwise you will get 2x everything!

From v1.01 OR HIGHER

Simply upload the plugin and choose to overwrite.

  • 2 php files to upload
  • One xml file to upload
  • Two templates to change (navbar)
  • Installs 3 plugins
vbulletin.org website:
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