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Ajax Registration, with instant field checking v3.1.1

This hack uses AJAX to check if the user name is taken and also displays errors and reasons why the user messed up on the registration form. Look at attached example picture.

To view a live demo go here [demo].

Installation Time: < 2 mins
Files: 3
Product: 1
VB Version: 3.X.X
  • v3.0.1
    • fixed the apostrophe issue
  • v3.0.2
    • added banned username check
    • fixed image url
  • v3.0.3
    • fixed banned username check for people that don't have banned phrases
  • v3.0.4
    • fixed the apostrophe issue for real instead of just not letting it be used
    • uses your username min character settings
    • uses your regex for usernames if set in the registration settings
    • (fixed for forums that have unregistered users set to cant view forum, look below for more info, its red.)
  • v3.0.5
    • fixed minor issue
    • added vbsettings option
  • v3.0.6
    • fixed slashes error
  • v3.0.7
    • fixed email match
    • added email in use check
  • v3.0.8
    • added password strength meter *requested
  • v3.0.9
    • removed email is taken by "username" *requested
    • fixed [manual template edits]
  • v3.1.0
    • fixed ajax vulnerabilities *
    • added captcha check
  • v3.1.1
    • added captcha check to all captcha fields.
vbulletin.org website:
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Unread 10-06-08
thank you soo much
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Unread 10-06-08
this really rocks...and brings good impressions during time of joining of members
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Unread 10-10-08
brother where to put php codes its working perfectly for me but my images are not coming, can 1 help me
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