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Cyb - Members Mood (v1.4)

Cyb - Members Mood (v1.4)

This will show membership mood for current day. Members can vote for one of five options (mood 1-5) once a day. Total votes/average mood are shown in stats. Total votes are also shown in percents using graphical bar. Votes are automatically reseted every midnight. You can change time period in Scheduled Task Manager. You can enable adding of default vote automatically after reset. SuperAdmins can reset stats/votes manually and see log. You can ban usergroups and individual members from voting and seeing mood bar.


1. Upload folder "cyb_vmood" to your forum root, then CHMOD "cyb_vmood_votes.csv" to "777".
2. Upload "cvm_reset.php" to \includes\cron folder.
3. Import XML file (as product): AdminCP > Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]

To set options:
Go to: AdminCP > vBulletin Options > Cyb - Members Mood

To put it on different page:
-You can have Mood bar shown on 2 pages
It's shown by default on forumhome (to disable it set option "Mood Box Placement" to "None")
To activate second location:
a) type location-name in "Additional Location" field
Explanation: When you open some vBulletin php file you'll see this at the top - "define('THIS_SCRIPT', 'XXX');"
XXX is location-name we need. It's usually the same as php filename (without extension, of course)
b) add "$cyb_vmood" to the template called on page where you wish to have stats shown
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Unread 03-23-09

Big thanks it is realy good
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thanks for the uploads
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woo, its really work
thank you
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