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Cyb - Thread Listing Make-Up (v1.1)

Cyb - Thread Listing Make-Up (v1.1)

There was two of my hacks for this, one for prefixes and another for titles, and now it's all merged into this product and improved. Old two products are discontinued so please upgrade to this one to get future updates and support.

This hack will give you ability to customize thread prefixes to look different in forumdisplay and search results depending on thread type (normal, sticky, poll, closed, moderated, moved, announcement). You can do the same thing with thread titles. Hack also adds thread prefix for closed threads and ability to separate stickies and normal threads.

You can use different CSS Properties to customize titles/prefixes. You can change colors, apply different styles like bold, italic, strike,... etc. It's up to you. Product is very easy to set up.


1. Import XML file (as product): AdminCP > Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]

To set options:
Go to: AdminCP > vBulletin Options > Cyb - Thread Listing Make-Up

v1.0 - Mar 17. 2007.
-First release (two old hacks merged into this new one, ID changed, added "Product Version Checking", codes improved, removed some unneded templates, yet easier to use, options to disable any part,...)
v1.1 - Mar 18. 2007.
-New: Announcements prefixes/titles customization
-New: Option to separate Sticky and Normal threads
-Bug fixed (tags shown in text field when you edit thread title via AJAX on forumdisplay)
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Unread 08-06-08
thanks, but can u find version 1.2 plz...

for 3.7
Cyb - Thread Listing Make-Up - vBulletin.org Forum
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