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Unread 12-03-07
Converter (from v3arcade to ibProArcade)

Anybody who has v3arcade running on his site and wants to migrate to ibProArcade... Here is the solution

This will automatically convert your installed games and, if you want to, even all the scores from v3arcade to ibProArcade.
The converter is designed to be used on a fresh ibProArcade-installation as you will lose all installed games and scores in your ibProArcade.

The Converter is compatible to:

* vBulletin 3.5.x / 3.6.x
* ibProArcade v2.5.9+ and later
* v3arcade 1.0.6 (for vBulletin 3.5.x)
usage with <1.0.6 are untested yet, please let me know if/how this works

Just follow those steps to migrate:

Just follow those steps to migrate:

1) don't touch your v3arcade-installation yet, just close the arcade
2) download ibProArcade and install it
3) upload the attached converter to your forum's root-directory and run it

That's all, the converter is interactive and will tell you what to do ect.

Don't forget to remove the converter.php after everything is done !

The converter will let you choose if you want to remove v3arcade after conversion or not.

Note to the sceptics
If you want to take a look on ibProArcade first while not losing your v3arcade, make sure you rename your /arcade.php to /v3arcade.php before you install ibProArcade. Then, after conversion is done, do not remove v3arcade at this time and test ibProArcade.
If you feel comfortable with it, remove v3arcade later via vBulletin's Product-Manager or (and that is what I point you to) run the converter again, it will provide a link for uninstallation on the first page and then guide you through the complete uninstallation (will even tell you which files and folders to remove, which the Product-uninstaller does not!). Remember to remove the renamed /v3arcade.php too
If you dislike ibProArcade, please let me know the reason and uninstall ibProArcade via the Product-Manager, then rename your /v3arcade.php to /arcade.php and you can use your v3arcade again.

Thanks To g0rn
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Unread 04-18-09
but i have now arcade.php no v3arcade.php
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