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Unread 12-03-07
VB image Hosting

VB Image Hosting Version 1.0.1

A New installer replaced the old one so you should not face any problems with database

People who were using vbimghost in vb 3.5.x and moved to vb 3.6.0 MAKE sure that you have vbimghost 1.4.1 Since this port will only support upgrading from that ver only
People who do a fresh install use this ver.

  1. requires GD 2.0.1 or later (2.0.28 or later is recommended).
  2. PHP ver 4.3.x or later (newer ver is better).

What does it do ?
VB Image Hosting is a similar feature to imageshak and photopoket and online free image hosting, but this is for your members. it will allow them to upload and host their images on your servers, you can still manage the permissions and set the number of files for each group.
Main Features:
  • Image hosting
  • Restrict # of file upload for each group
  • Allow/disallow group from upload
  • Restrict file uploaded based on file extension, dimensions and size
  • Users can manage their uploaded files
  • Users can set the view permission for each uploaded images
  • Admin can mange all members images
  • Admin can set the number of images/users per page.
  • Admin can mange images uploaded by the members
  • Admin can set the default upload permission
  • Thumbnail system admin can turn it on/off.
  • Allow multiple uploads.
  • Admin can set upload slots for each group
  • Admin can recreate thumbnails from admin cp
  • Fully using the phrase system.
Time required to install
  • 1- 2 min max.

Update instruction :
Just replace the old files with the new ones and import the product file don't forget to select overwrite.

  • inital release contains everytverg in 1.4.1 ver.
  • Fix security bug with delete image.
  • fix some minor mysql problems.
Download Tracking:
1.0.0 : 3886

Known Issues:
no known issues.

Screen shscreenshot.zip

before you post any error here :
Set that path to your forums correctly in the vbimghost options.
if you getting the error "
"supplied argument is not a valid"
that's because you didn't set the path correctly

And for all the people asking when is the next release it will be in 2007 not this month .. due to some problems in real life ..

Thanks To SpeedFreak
Attached Files Click the thanks button to view this attachment.

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Unread 01-10-08
great addon bro..thx
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Unread 01-31-08
I got a problem i cant solve..
I did a fresh install on 3.6.8 vBulletin forum.. But when i want to upload an image, i just get a "page cannot be found" when loading the vbimghost.php.

Any suggestions?
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Unread 12-30-08
I Have The Same Error To..
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