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Unread 12-02-07
GTUserCP - Enhanced USERCP Interface + USERCP Menu

The 1.1.0+ version now replaces the USERCP_SHELL template. No edits are necessary. However, manual edits are required if you wish to use the UserCP Menu like we have here on vbulletin.org.

If upgrading from a previous version you can revert the "USERCP_SHELL", "SUBSCRIBE", and "usercp_nav_folderbit" template.

Custom modification brought to you by MyGTBlog Services

This modification is a combination of the new vb.org USERCP and the UserCP dropdown menu.

Why would you want to install these features?

1. Decrease Server Resources
2. Increase Usability

How does this help with server resources?

Typically if you want to edit or view your personal information you would click the UserCP navbar link (wait for the page to load) and click the option you wish to view.

Did you know?

You just hit the server with 11 Queries + HTTP Request + Bandwidth just for visiting the UserCP default page. What's worst is that this is not even the page that you want to view. Yep, you guessed it there goes an additional hit to the server.

Add this modification to bypass the UserCP default page.
The savings are HUGE especially on a big-board site.

How does this help with usability?

1. Private Messages are the most frequently used user option.
* Moving this to the top will give members quicker access.
* Displaying custom folders will also bypass some pages (clicks) and therefore decreases server resources.
2. Collapsing/Expanding some of the options will provide members quicker access to what is important to them.

This modification has been reported working on earlier vb versions 3.5.4+.


1. Install product via Product Manager.
2. If you want to add UserCP Menu read the README file. This has to be done manually.

Thanks KrazyFire
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Unread 02-20-08
I noticed that most of the submenu in GTusercp already included in Quick Links (vb 3.6.8).
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