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Unread 12-01-07
Members who have visited Today

This adds a simple display of all members who have visited the forum - either today (i.e. since the users midnight) or in the last 24 hours.

Note: it is not possible for this hack to count guests

The main features of the 3.6 version are basically the same as previous versions ;

1. It displays the list on the Forum Home.
2. The list view is collapsable, so you just see the number.
3. Invisible users are only displayed to those allowed to see them (with a "*")
4. Users who should display as coloured or bold etc will be displayed correctly (based on the display usergroup).
5. If you 'hover' over a username it will show the time they were last active.
6. The list is in member name order.
7. The mod is phrased.
8. The ability to turn it on/off is in the ACP Options.
9. The ability to allow only certain usergroups to view the list is an ACP option (include or exclude groups).
10. The switch between Visited Today and Rolling 24 Hours is an ACP option.
11. The listing of members can now be suppressed (a simple message is displayed instead).
12. The list of names can be set to be always collapsed on initial view.
13. The option to record and display the Most Ever visitors has been added (v4.43+).

(Options are in vBulletin Options > Who has visited today)

Unzip the XML and import into vB using the ACP Product Manager.

To upgrade from the 3.5 version just re-import the product with the overwrite option set to yes.

Thanks to KrazyFire
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Unread 10-26-08
need this mod for 3.7 version
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