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Unread 12-01-07
Personal Notepad

This is a port of my previous Personal Notepad hack for vBulletin 3.5, with some added features and modifications that had been requested. It now makes use of template hooks and is placed in a more convenient location for users.

This hack will add a personal notepad for your members - a feature you may know from for example Invision Power Board. For short, members will be able to edit the content of their own notepad as they want, storing in it whatever they might feel like.

1 automatic template edit
1 product to install


- A notepad in members' main user CP area where they can type in whatever notes they may want to take down and save them
- Notepad can be resized
- Javascript for allowing users to see when they have exceeded the character limit
- Admin CP options (turn on/off, maximum input length, liquid/fixed width, width of fixed-width notepad, usergroups allowed to use notepad)
- No manual template edits
- Fully phrased for easy translation


1. Import product-personal_notepad.xml through the Admin CP.
2. Edit the Personal Notepad options in the vBulletin options if desired. (It is automatically turned on upon installation, so if you want to start using it right away without worrying about the options, you can.)
3. There is no 3. You're done. Go inform your members of the addition.


3.1: Saved space in liquid-width notepad by putting character counter and textbox size changers in the same line, phrased some stuff that was forgotten and added usergroup limitations in the admin options.
3.0: Tweaks for fitting better with the look of vBulletin, cached template, Javascript counter for character limit, made notepad collapsible, added version history.
2.0: Ported to 3.6, added resizing function and admin CP options.
1.0: Initial release.
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Unread 08-28-08
thankx...i was searching for it
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