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inforduvidas's Avatar
inforduvidas : Newbie +
inforduvidas is on a distinguished road
offline Joined: Oct 2008 Posts: 8 Thanked: 0
Unread 10-09-08
Hi, I've a problem, the Shout works, but the bottom of my site has gone ...

in the bottom I had the subtitles for New Topics and all stuffs, and now the the bottom finishes at Statistics...

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ianmurph's Avatar
ianmurph : Newbie
ianmurph is on a distinguished road
offline Joined: Nov 2008 Posts: 2 Thanked: 0
Unread 11-08-08
ok this might sound dumb, I cant fnid the Edit the template: FORUMHOME ? Anyone point me in the right direction?
saif1311's Avatar
saif1311 : Newbie +
saif1311 is on a distinguished road
offline Joined: Jun 2008 Posts: 18 Thanked: 0
Unread 12-05-08
Do not use this anymore use a updated version otherwise your site may be hacked!!!
Extacy's Avatar
Extacy : Newbie +
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offline Joined: Dec 2008 Posts: 12 Thanked: 0
Unread 12-09-08
hey umm i can only have like 6 shouts out at a time and then i have to prune the shoutbox inorder for anyone to shout again... how can i fix this??
The_Dead_Fight's Avatar
The_Dead_Fight : Member
The_Dead_Fight is on a distinguished road
offline Joined: May 2009 Posts: 22 Thanked: 2
Unread 05-12-09
i cant edit Inferno Shoutbox settings. After i edit it and click "Save", all settings back to normal again.

What must i do?
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