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Cyb - Advanced Forum Statistics (v5.5)

Forum Statistics for:
-Latest Forum News
-Newest Members
-Top Posters
-Top Thread Starters
-Top Referrers
-Most Viewed Threads
-Hottest Threads
-Top Reputations
-Top Thanked
-Most Popular Forums
-Top Infractions
-Latest Classified Ads
-Latest Posts

This product is very flexible. You are able to choose which stats to show, disable some details to save page space, make several other functionality/make-up customizations... See screenshots.


You can have Main Stats box shown on several pages...
It's shown by default on forumhome (to disable it set "Main Top Stats box on ForumHome" to "Disable")
To activate another location:
a) put location-name in "Stats on Custom Pages" field in hack settings
Explanation: When you open some vBulletin php file you'll see this at the top - "define('THIS_SCRIPT', 'XXX');"
XXX is location-name we need. It's usually the same as php filename (without extension, of course)
Note: When setting several locations then separate location-names by commas
b) add "$cybtopstats" to the template called on page where you wish to have stats shown

-To set options go to: vBulletin Options > Cyb - Advanced Forum Statistics
-"Top Thanked" works only with Abe1's "Post Thank You" hack. Don't enable if you have not this hack installed.
-To move Top Stats box somewhere else on forumhome: 1.-Set placement setting to "None" 2.-Add "index" to "Stats on Custom Pages" setting 3.-Add "$cybtopstats" wherever you wish in FORUMHOME template.
-If Top Stats box is too big because of long usernames or thread/forum titles be noted that you can trim them in ACP options.
-When forum/thread titles or usernames are trimmed, mouse-over will show you full version.
-"Top Thread Starters" requires MySQL version 4.0.4 or higher to work
-No forums excluded from "Latest Forum News"

1. Required:
Import XML file (as product) through AdminCP: Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]

2. Optional - if you use custom styles and stats are not shown:
Open FORUMHOME template and add "$cybtopstats" where you wish Stats box to appear

3. Optional - if you use custom styles and link to re-enable stats is not shown:
Open desired template and add "$cybts_enablelink" where you wish "Enable Top Statistics" link to appear
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very helpfull thanks
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Thank you very much!!
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New Version is Here
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Originally Posted by Notam View Post
Hover to view full quote
Click HERE - v 5.7
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