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We ask that you follow these rules to enhance both your experience and the experience of other users here at GYSN.


Staff decision is final!


1.1, Use Search before requesting, posting hacks or help.

1.2, Treat other members positively and with respect. Flaming other members will lead to a warning, possibly even a ban. If you have a problem, report it so staff can deal with the issue accordingly.

1.3, Racist comments or images will not be tolerated.

1.4, Do not leech, GYSN is a sharing community which means that we share everything we have and try to help all as much as we can, if you download or like contents of a post hit the thanks button or add to members reputation.

1.5, GYSN is aimed at a general audience. This means our site is designed for 13-year-olds and older. Everything must be aimed at this age and older. Explicit, vulgar language, drug talk, nudity, porn, etc., is not allowed.

1.6, Do not double post on the board. It means that you are not allowed to reply twice in a row in any thread. Use the edit button when altering your reply if you're the last to post.

1.7, Do not hijack, go off topic, bump or post mirror links in threads.

1.8, Do not mini-mod. We would like to encourage and thank members for using the report button but not add their own criticism. Impersonating a staff member is a serious offense and may lead to a permanent ban.

1.9, Do not bump a post within 24 hours of its original post time.

1.10, Advertising in any form is not allowed.

1.11, No hosting discussions other than in this thread.

1.12, Anyone found to be uploading hacks containing viruses or with software built in with the intention of hacking others boards will be banned.

1.13, No stolen databases, tools or discussions about stealing information or breaking into forums.

1.14, GYSN provides free vBulletin support, styles, and mods. Do not make posts in regards to Buying, Selling or Trading of items. If you want to buy or sell something visit eBay.

1.15, One-liner messages will be classed as spam if you download an attachment or like the post directly hit the "Thanks" button or add to members reputation.

"thanks", "nice", "good", "thank you for this", "wow thanks alot", "your the best thanks"

Posting guidelines:

2.1, Threads must be submitted to the relevant forums. Please read the forum titles/descriptions before posting.

2.2, Thread titles must be descriptive.


Good description: "Help needed with forum permissions".

Bad description: "HEEEEELP!".

2.3, Do not use Full CAPs on your thread title.

2.4, Images must be attached or hosted on public image hosting websites such as (but not limited to):
2.5, If size allows all uploads must be made via attachments and not be password protected, failing to do this will result in your post/link being deleted.

2.6, Do not post masked, protected, redirecting or referral links.

2.7, Passwords that advertise other sites are not allowed.

2.8, Excessive posting of similar messages to increase post count is not allowed.

2.9, The use of unusual presentation methods within thread titles and descriptions with the intent to gain attention is not allowed.


Words/phrases such as but not limited to:
**** MUST HAVE ****, [email protected]@K, LATEST, NEWEST, LOOK HERE, *Newest Version*
or other words along these lines including symbols.

2.10, All EXTERNAL links (links that point to locations outside of GYSN) must be coded, including - but not limited to - email addresses and passwords.


This is a permitted uncoded link:

These are examples of links that must be coded:
[email protected]
2.11, All file names of ANY releases must be unaltered from the original release.

2.12, Do Not Write Titles Or Post Content Capitalising Every Word.

2.13, The only language is spoken or written on this forum is English unless within "Other languages" forums.

2.14, Remove dots from titles.


Good title: vBulletin Suite v4.1.2 PHP NULL

Bad title: vBulletin.Suite.v4.1.2.PHP.NULL

2.15, All code must be wrapped in either code, HTML or PHP tags including error messages

Forbidden content:

3.1, Styles not allowed:
  • Xevert Designs Studio (Premium)
  • GYSN
3.2, Releases and websites not allowed:
  • / SKRiPTERZ / scriptz-team / dESiGNERz-CREW
  • Null by Yogi
  • Cyber Crew
  • Nulled By Disco
  • www[.]vbulletin-scriptz[.]com
* Permanent ban for posting / SKRiPTERZ / scriptz-team / dESiGNERz-CREW releases.
* Minimum 2 week ban for posting others.

Fulfilling requests:

4.1, When fulfilling a request, please create a new thread in an appropriate forum, ie, x.x Addons and Template Modifications/ x.x Styles then post a link to that thread in the request thread.

Individual forums may have additional rules that must be adhered to; you will find them within stickied posts.

How to Become a Staff Member?
Do not ask any one of the staff if you can become an Administrator/Moderator. If we think you are doing great and will need more staff members, we will contact You. If you do ask anyone to become a Mod/Admin, you will be blacklisted, and we will never pick you for staff member ever.

We appreciate the time You took to read The Board Rules. Enjoy Your stay here at GYSN and please Obey these rules.

GYSN Staff.

The small print:
GYSN staff assume members have read these rules and will not accept ignorance as an excuse for not following them.
The breaking of any rule WILL lead to you being warned or even banned without notice so don't risk it!
This list is not exhaustive and may be amended or added to at any time as required and without notice so check back regularly.
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JohnnyBoy : Rick Mills FTW?
JohnnyBoy is on a distinguished road
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Thread Starter Unread 03-21-20
EDIT: In addition to 3.2, some websites are now also forbidden.
Excellent vBulletin support @ GYSN Underground.

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