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Default The GYSN Hosting Discussion Thread (Request/advertise Hosting Here!)

This is our thread where you can talk about hosting that is not allowed anywhere else in this one thread. There will be rules, fail to follow them may result in a thread lock. Or your posts will be soft deleted, and you will never be able to post in this thread again.

What you can do in this thread.
  • Request for hosting
  • Post your advertisement of hosting for others to see
  • Comment on others hosting
  • Request for a sales quote
What you can't do in this thread.
  • Make an attempt to bring a host down
  • Double posting and not letting others a chance to post or have their say
  • When writing up your advertisement, you must not use font size or color wording
  • Bold is allowed but for headers and titles only!
  • Do not quote large ads instead use "@username", e.g., @Hoxxy
  • List your same advertisement in this thread over and over again, but you ARE allowed to link to it as many times as need under fair usage
What you must have before you make an advertisement.
  • The site must be open/registered for a minimum of 1 year
  • Site must have a premium tld ie: .com, .net, .org etc etc no free domain names ie:, .tk, etc etc
  • You must have some sort of support email or client area where people can get support
  • Using a nulled client billing system is bad for business so you must say if it's nulled or not so users use their real information or not
  • Your information must be clearly laid out
  • You must state where your servers are in there GEO location, e.g., the Netherlands, or Hong Kong
  • You must have made a minimum of 20 substantial post
Things you need to know about this thread.
  • What goes on in this thread stays in this thread, so please do not advertise your hosting post by linking it anywhere in your profile, also please do not link your hosting website in your profile

If you post is found breaking a rule above or is not to our liking it will be deleted.

The list of rules can change, or rules can be added at any time. Make sure you read them well!

Trusted hosts will be posted here:
  • [POST]
    • Reputation: +9
      • >>>>>
    • Status: Active
  • [POST]
    • Reputation: 0

    • Status: Active
  • [POST]
    • Reputation: -1
      • <
    • Status: Closed?

GYSN is not responsible for what happens with you and your host.

Banned from the thread. (Posts get soft deleted on sight.)

  • BiO AnGeL - - Site must be open/registered for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Alux - - Site must be open/registered for a minimum of 1 year.
  • virus - - Site must be open/registered for a minimum of 1 year.

No thanks no support and I mean it no support!!! - Excellent vBulletin support @ GYSN Underground.
If you just want to say thanks please don't write a pointless spammy 1 liner message just hit the thanks button thanks button or rep button rep button
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