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CMPS Users, Read for Score saving

Just so you all know,
If you are using vbAdvanced Portal and your /index.php is not the original one from vBulletin,
you have to edit your alternate index.php:

open index.php

At the very beginning of the File, right after:
you have to insert:
// ibProArcade
if($_POST['module'] == "pnFlashGames")

		case "storeScore":
		$_GET['act'] = "Arcade";
		$_GET['module'] = "arcade";
		$_GET['do'] = "pnFStoreScore";

		case "saveGame":
		$_GET['do'] = "pnFSaveGame";

		case "loadGame":
		$_GET['do'] = "pnFLoadGame";

		case "loadGameScores":
		$gid = $vbulletin->input->clean_gpc('p', 'gid', TYPE_INT);
		$uid= $vbulletin->userinfo['userid'];
		$game = $db->query_first("SELECT * FROM " . TABLE_PREFIX . "games_scores WHERE mid=$uid AND gid = $gid ORDER BY score DESC LIMIT 0,1");
		$scores = $game[score];

		if($scores != false)
			//Return true
			print "&opSuccess=true&gameScores=$scores&endvar=1"; //send endvar to keep opSuccess separate from all other output from PostNuke
			print "&opSuccess=false&error=Error&endvar=1";

$act = $_GET[act];
$autocom = $_GET[autocom];
$showuser= $_GET[showuser];
if($act == "Arcade" || $autocom=="arcade") {
include "arcade.php";
if(!empty($showuser) && $showuser >= 1) {
$u = $showuser;
$_GET[u] = $showuser;
include "member.php";

// end of ibProArcade

Otherwise your scores won't be recorded

Unsure if this goes here, I was wondering if it should have been here or Compatible Scripts.

Nonetheless, move where it needs to be.
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